I have voluntarily adopted the Kink Educators Code of Conduct. I have committed myself to adhere to the KECC guidelines to the best of ability. If you feel at any time that my behavior online, in person or in the community needs to be addressed and you can not come to me directly please reach out to any of my contacts. They are non biased parties who have agreed to listen without judgment and help create paths for accountability and mediation between myself and any effected parties. They have been asked to take anonymously or function as a mediator for us to discuss. Please use them as you need. Please be aware that KECC is not currently adding new adopters to their online list.

Accountability Circle:

Gwindylyn – Contact via FetLife or email

Sundin_Photo – Contact via email

Kinkerbelle – Contact via email

The Voice – Contact via FetLife or email

Kink Educators Code of Conduct

“Base your choices on the consequences you wish to endure because you are free to choose but not free from the consequences of your choices.”

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