The Mind, Body, and Spirit Series with Mx. Ryder

The series focuses on the insight, recognition, and development of a bottom-centric skill set and processing tool bag. It begins with “Speaking From the Bottom” which offers techniques for communication and guidance thru the mental journey of a bottom. “Hit me Harder” explores skills utilized in the physical processing of pain and pleasure to further a scene. “Cultivating Your Why” centers around the spiritual journey we take as bottoms and the importance of self understanding. Together these classes serve to empower and strengthen the bottoming community

Classes include:
Hit Me Harder! A Bottoms Communication To Deepen a Scene

Class Description:

Hit Me Harder is a class which focuses on pain processing techniques and a new take on how to get the most out of safewords. The class then moves into giving bottoms the tools to play a larger role in the negotiation process. We will offer time for a group discussion as well as a short demo with practical application of the material presented.  While this class’s focal point is bottoms we will be touching base on how tops can utilize their self aware bottoms to walk, run and push the edge of their pain threshold.

Speaking From the Bottom

Class Description:

Learn how to better communicate your needs within a power dynamic, and how to do so with respect, devotion and service. Speaking from the Bottom will give you the space to empower your top with your own open and honest communication, deepening your relationship and dynamic.

Speaking from the bottom is not some perfect call and response, especially when everyone’s dynamic is different. It is intent and consistent conscious choice. The class will cover a range of things that effect communication skills ranging from NVC to body language and negotiated dynamic structure. The curriculum is built for those in all ranges of power exchanges such as DD/lg, D/s, M/s and all the things in between!

Cultivating Your Why: Building a path of least resistance to deepening kink fulfillment

Class Description:

Cultivating Your Why is an overview of the components that determine how we form decisions/conclusions and their place in growth oriented relationships. With the help of the Myers-Briggs and other personality tests, let’s work together to streamline your kink fulfillment. Thru the aligning and understanding of core values with different learning modalities we can learn to be conscious of how our perceptions of an event or task can change depending on where we chose to take it. The course is a mix of lecture, discussion and a short demo.

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Fluid Dynamics: Time in All the Roles

Class Description:

Do you have multiple dynamics or roles you like to play with your partner(s)? This workshop is built to help partners successfully negotiate and navigate relationships of 2+ with various power exchange structures. Using communication styles such as key words and body language, learn where to draw clear lines and where to leave things open ended. Along with a live demo and class activities, we will assist you in streamlining your ability to flow from one roll to another.

Self Care: Bottoms and Beyond

Class Description:

In kink we love exploration, pleasure and pushing our limits but what do we do to pour back into ourselves with regularity? What is self care? Discover the possibilities of nurturing yourself in this interactive workshop. From the why and how to what it looks like in difficult interactions, let Ryder and TPO guide you into transforming your relationship with yourself and others. This workshop includes lecture, group exercises and live demo.

Navigating Consent and Consent Violations

Class Description:

Consent and consent violations are often complex and hard to navigate. After a brief review of what healthy and informed consent looks like, with the help of some more technical language, this class takes a deeper dive into incident vs violation and what to do when things inevitably go wrong. Everyone’s risk profile should include these tools in order to make the most of these situations and be able to process them in a healthy way. Thru lecture, discussion, and a live demo, this workshop will help you navigate through the first steps to understanding and acceptance from both sides of this difficult territory.

Modeling for Every Body: Every Body is Beautiful!

Class Description:

With their 7+ years modeling experience including working with co-models of varying sizes and genders, Rodeo Kitten brings you a workshop designed to make every body feel like a model. The course covers a variety of tips and tricks ranging from setting the environment up for success to posture and positioning of different body parts. This class is formulated with all body shapes, sizes, and genders in mind. The first half of this class is lecture, while the second half will act as a coaching session and group discussion. Participation in solo photos not required.

Closed captioning available at any online or in person event upon request.

ASL interpreters are available upon request and advance booking for any event. Email with the date and event that you would like an interpreter present for and we will do our very best to accommodate. Due to fees it is best to do these sessions in 1 hr increments. 

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