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Hi! I am Mx. Ryder – (They/Them)
Intimacy Coach & Kink Guide

I teach because of my love of helping others expand their capacities.


With over 10 years of performance arts experience, Ryder ranges from dancer, pro domme, rope bottom/switch, adult entertainer, to fetish model, kink educator and intimacy coach. They have well over a decade’s worth of experience in professional speaking and half a decade in education around pleasure activism and alternative lifestyles. They continue to both teach and learn locally and internationally.


In Depth

Ryder is a polyamorus gender fluid pan-sexual switch who’s goal as an instructor is to provide classes committed to and focused on building a bottom’s skills and voices. Ryder is accompanied by their long-term partner and spouse, TPO, who offers a top/Dominant’s perspective to the classes. Together they have spanned numerous power dynamics and fetish roles, and have great insights on teamwork and communication. They offer personalized private instruction and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples+, regardless of role or experience level. They offer pro-domme and limited switch sessions. The extent of their modeling experience spans 8 years and ranges from glamour, fashion, weapons and even automotive to erotic, fetish and XXX.

Their specialty is working with sacred kink and therapeutic or healing BDSM. 


Ryder has been a rope bottom for over five years and taken rope courses from both local and international riggers and bottoms. With their partner, TPO, Ryder is known to perform at several local Bay Area events throughout the year, including Twisted Windows. With a focus on connection and energy flow in his ties, TPO utilizes these skills to push his partner and facilitate a beautiful experience for all those involved. Together they mix their passion for bondage and impact together to create sexually charged scenes that will dampen any pair of panties in the room.


To celebrate and educate others on alternative sexuality and lifestyles by providing the most authentic kinky experiences with their needs and experiences in mind.


To help build an inclusive  community of safe spaces that help others explore life and sexuality in a negotiation and self aware shame free environment.


  • To uphold a safe, sane and consensual environment.
  • To operate with honesty and integrity including open communication.
  • To treat everyone with professionalism and respect.
  • To foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.
  • To encourage candid, direct feedback.
  • To be and help others be proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
  • To model and encourage introspection and accountability.


30 1/4″, 25 3/4″, 30 1/4″
Height: 5’2
Weight: 105
Cup Size: A
Dress Size: 2
Shoe Size: 6.5
Birthday: April 14
Sign: Aries


Booking for the follow services:
  • Intimacy Coaching & Private Instruction
  • Sex & Alternative Lifestyle Coaching
  • Kink Education for beginners and experts
  • Rope Bottom or Hire the Rigger too! 
  • BDSM Bottoming/Switch Workshops
  • Party Instigators and Entertainment
  • Kink Dynamic Coaching
  • Modeling Coaching

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Services Not Available:

Tying: Lessons or Play

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