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“The need for intimacy isn’t rooted in sex drive or lust. Rather it’s about needing to feel safe, anchored and seen in a world that often feels dangerous, chaotic, and anonymous.”-Reynolds on the 5 Love Languages

INTIMACY COACHING: Sex and Relationship Skills

As an intimacy coach I work with individuals and couples, empowering them to embrace their authentic nuanced identities and reconnect to their body, self-esteem and desire. I focus on deepening your connection with others by strengthening your ability to recognize, verbalize and negotiate your sexual desires in an informed risk aware consensual environment. I bring to the table a wide range of skills from my background in sexological bodywork, which uses somatic techniques like breath, movement, and touch to get people in touch with their bodies, to my trauma informed psychology training to understand how trauma effects our ability to communicate and feel safe in our bodies. 

I work with people of all genders, orientations and cultural backgrounds to explore some of the following areas:

  • Assessing and making decisions around their romantic relationships
  • Gaining skills and confidence in pleasing their partners
  • Reducing anxiety around sex and dating
  • Getting out of ruts in their masturbation routines and exploring more avenues to pleasure
  • Incorporating toys into their masturbation practices and sex lives
  • Composing messages on dating apps that lead to more (and higher-quality) connections
  • Flirting skills: how to really see the person in front of you and get them to notice you.
  • Exploring fetishes in new or longer term relationships including but not limited to playing in public, playing in groups, electrical play, wax play, confinement and device bondage, claiming your orgasm, orgasm control and denial. 
  • Navigating Polyamory
  • Building functions power dynamics such as 24/7 Total Power Exchange, Caretaker & little, Handler & pet, switch roles and many many more. I can help from preparing for successful negations, daily rituals that work for your life all the way to writing contracts for mutually fulfilled needs.


Sessions are done over zoom, Skype or phone. 

Free 30 min consultations during which we’ll discuss what you are struggling with and what your goals are. I’ll give my initial advice and allow you time to ask me any questions you may have including about my training and experiences. Finally if you’re interested we can discuss how I’d approach working together longer-term.

After that point you can decide to continue with a per session booking at $80 an hr or take advantage of several packages:

Voice Sessions: $150 for three hour-long sessions, or $600 for three months of once-a-week sessions. If we work together in the long term, I’ll give you exercises to do in between our calls and be available to you over email for any questions you might have.

Video Sessions: $230 for three hour-long sessions, or $900 for three months of once-a-week sessions. If we work together in the long term, I’ll give you exercises to do in between our calls and be available to you over email for any questions you might have. 

Package sessions can also be spaced further apart. Let’s negotiate what works well for us both. 

Email: Send me your sex or intimacy questions. This may be a good choice for those who are shy or have a limited budget. I charge $20 per question or $50 for three questions. No long term arrangement required. 

Email me @ if you are interested in exploring any of these options. Please include the a brief description of the type of session you would like to book as well as the date and time that works best for you. 

QTPOC are eligible for sliding scale rates. Free lessons given to select individuals each month based on accessibility hardship. 

You can also book me as a rope bottom for classes or lab time!

*Some sliding scale pricing available. Inquire for more information.*

Happy to provide a laundry list of shooting ideas. Some trade for wardrobe/travel expenses work accepted.

Now also booking for model coaching sessions on a sliding scale. Session’s will include tips on how to improve body positioning, use of empty space, and can even include shooting with me!

Need someone to bring some sexy, ready to play energy to your party? Inquire about booking us as your instigators! From go go dancing to opening performances or even house topping, we love to turn up the heat and bring people together. 

Does your little or pet have an upcoming birthday? Give us one month booking notice and the fairytale of your choice and we will do a rope performance: 

Kinky Fairy-Tales with The Patient One and RodeoKitten. 

Ready to go fairy-tails include: 3 Kinky Pigs & Gender Fluid Peter Pan.

What does Mx. Ryder and ThePatientOne bring to a rope performance?

ThePatientOne focuses on connection and energy flow in his ties and utilizes these skills to push his partner and facilitate a beautiful experience for all those involved. Together with his partner, Ryder, they mix their passion for bondage and impact together to create sexually charged scenes that will dampen any pair of panties in the room.

Photography, video, and live performances can all range on level of costuming, nudity, and overall bizzarre features.

Don’t see the service you are looking for? Shoot me an email describing what you are looking for with as much information as possible, (Date, Time, Location) and we can coordinate!

Interested in booking me to teach at your space or event?

Good news! I am looking to travel more for lifestyle work.  There are lots of sensational events, educators and performers out there and I would love to see as many as I can! So reach out with an offer and let’s see if we can find the right fit to work together and have some fun!

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