First a personal note:
  • Pick mentors coaches and guides for the following needs: care, competence, & character.
  • The first group should be made up of people that will always care for your physical and mental health.
  • The second type of mentor or coach we need in our lives is competence. Someone who has a skill set in an area we wish to grow. Someone living their passion that can help us develop.
  • Finally, we need those in our life of deep character. People willing to be honest and guide where they can. Willing to have difficult conversations and sharing their truth when it is needed.

Lots of good food for thought here and multiple perspectives to consider on being in a community:

The following list are people who have chosen to be listed as resources for various areas :

Groups & Resources:
LGBTQ+ Kink affirming/experienced Mental Health provider:
They are an elder trans queer kinkster who’s been around the scene since the late 70’s. They understand the complexities of tiny marginalized communities and what we face today.
Bay Area Open Minds:
Gender Spectrum:
Consultation, training and events designed to help families, educators, professionals, and organizations understand and address gender identity and expression. 
Open Minded Health:
OMH is dedicated to providing information about gender and sexual minority health. Their posts are a mix of latest research, activity risk reduction tips and the latest news. 
Trans Youth Family Allies:
TYFA empowers childen and families by partnering with educators, service providers, and communities to develop supportive environments in which gender may be expressed and respected. 
Rad Remedy:
An organization that compiles community organizations referral lists and provider reviews to connect trans folks to safe and respectful medical care. 
Transgender Lifeline:  –  (877)565-8860
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom:   (410)539-4824
Here is a fantastic article on how to become a kink educator by Rain DeGrey:

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